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Payment method

Money transfer

Beneficiary: Cantina del Castello S.R.L.
Bank: Cassa Rurale di Vestenanova
Iban: IT33T0891059850011001100028

For those who are transferring money from abroad, there is a supplement of 10 euros.
For description of the transfer: include order number and full name of the client. In order to speed up the order registration, we recommend that you also send a copy of the payment to cantinacastello@cantinacastello.it


Payments with paypal are safer and faster. The system indeed does not transmit sensitive data of the credit cards used and connected to the bank account. It is possible to make a payment without registering on the paypal website. If you choose this payment method, the order will be processed simultaneously with the payment. For this payment method there are no commission costs.


Cantina del Castello

Vicolo Corte Pittora, 5
37038 Soave (Verona)
P. IVA: 00208740233

: +39 045 768 0093

Email: cantinacastello@cantinacastello.it
Web: www.cantinacastello.it


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