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The initial sweet notes are accompanied by the more pronounced scents of Garganega, like those of the ripe elderberry. The softness and the alcohol note are melted in a light varietal sensation that is integrated into a finely and simply elegant pic

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Average annual production: 1,000 bottles.

Grapes: 100% Garganega. 

Production site: Pressoni, under the administration of Monteforte d’Alpone. Vineyard at 200/250 meters above sea level, facing East, South/East.

Distillation: in double boiler of Recioto di Soave pomaces obtained by soft pressing of accurately selected grapes. 

Description: The aromas of this grappa are intense and complex and they express themselves with a certain impetous. The sweet initial notes are accompanied by the more marked hints of Garganega, such as those of mature elderberry. The balance between the softness and the alcoholic note make this grappa the perfect protagonist to end the meal. 

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Cantina del Castello

Vicolo Corte Pittora, 5
37038 Soave (Verona)
P. IVA: 00208740233

: +39 045 768 0093

Email: cantinacastello@cantinacastello.it
Web: www.cantinacastello.it


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